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Morning, after the rain



We still have lots of plants for our second open weekend. I am potting up seedlings of a number of things, including Virginia bluebells and three species peonies. Although small, they are inexpensive. And, go figure, we still have Trillium sessile left as well as a few lady-slippers.

It promises to be a soggy day on Saturday, so a gardening day it will not be. Stop on by.


From the top:

Sanguisorba hakusanensis, Disporum maculatum, Hydrophyllum virginianum, Trillium pusillum, Cardamine waldsteinii, and Pulsatilla vulgaris


  1. Linda says:

    Was so thrilled to see the plant sale resurrected, bereft that I am out I Maine on both weekends . Any possibility to have you put some plants aside and arrange to pick up at a later date ? If so : Nanki Koza, Polemonium- Lambbrook Maueve, hardy Gloxinia, Glaucidium – blue , the Jack’s,
    Epimedium queen , the Eco- ginger . ….. just for a few !!!!

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